“Mrs. Hopkins was my daughter’s first and only piano teacher. She did a wonderful job teaching her the skills needed as a beginner, and now after three years my daughter just loves playing the piano.  Mrs. Hopkins helped her and worked with her when taking the Piano Guild Exam and she got Superior scores. Mrs. Hopkins loves music and shares that love with her students.”
Rosa Henning
“Ms. Shelly is a knowledgeable, energetic and fun teacher who imparts good techniques and at the same time instills a lifelong appreciation of music. She is extremely professional and responsive, yet warm and caring. I would certainly recommend her not only to parents looking for someone to teach their children, but to anyone who has always wanted to learn piano but never got around to it.
It has been such a joy witnessing my little boy learning the art of music in a truly warm, personal and caring environment.
I am so very thankful that my child’s first exposure to music was with Ms. Shelly. I very highly recommend her studio to anyone looking to bless their children with such a rich experience. It will be a blessing to them for a lifetime.”

Warmly, Amal


“Our daughter Allison was blessed with the opportunity to train under Mrs. Shelly Hopkins, her first piano teacher. It was a very nurturing teaching environment where Allison mastered the skills, and grew up loving the art of playing music. Even though we have moved to the West Coast, Mrs Hopkins will always be her best piano teacher ever :)”

Pattugalan Family
Elk Grove, California


“…by combining traditional methods and modern technology she was able to bring out the best in our little virtuoso…”

The Akey Family

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