Piano Tuning

BOSENDORFER-GP185-PEBecause of my passion to always play on a well-tuned piano, I began tuning pianos in 2009.  There is nothing more satisfying to a pianist than the sound of a well-tuned piano!  I take great care and precision when tuning.

The method of tuning I use is a combination of aural tuning enhanced with the computer precision technology of the Accu-Tuner. The Accu-Tuner can provide a precise tuning that is specifically customized for your piano.

It is recommended that pianos be tuned every six months to a year.  Pianos that are slightly out of tune are unpleasant to play and to hear  A freshly tuned piano has a beautiful tonal quality that is a pleasure to the pianist and listener.  In order to better understand why a piano needs to be tuned regularly, please read, “Why Does A Piano Go Out of Tune?” by William Braid White.

The cost for piano tuning is $125. When scheduling an appointment, please allow 2 – 2 1/2 hours for tuning your piano. Please call (717) 577-2693, or email piano@hopkinspiano.com to schedule a convenient time to have your piano tuned.

“Your piano is an investment in your future. It can bring you and your family a lifetime of music, adding immeasurable joy and beauty to your home. Since it is also such a large investment, it should be maintained with the utmost care.“©1993 Piano Technicians Guild

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