The Plight of Peaches

We were asked to take care of our friends’ three cats while they were out of town. One cat, Peaches, was kept in the bathroom with her food, water, and litter box. When I went in to take care of her, I was careful to not let her out of the door. When I went into the bathroom there was no sign of her. I could tell that she had eaten food and used the litter box and knocked over some things on the counter. I looked in the cabinets, drawers, toilet, vanity, trash can, and tub, but there was no sign of the cat. She wasn’t on top of the cabinets, either. I took care of her litter box, food, and water, left the bathroom and closed the door. My daughter and I went to take care of the other two cats’ food and litter boxes in other areas of the house.

As we were in the dining room getting ready to leave, we heard a cat’s soft, whining sound. We followed the sound to the bathroom. We could not see the cat, but the crying got louder. It seemed to be coming from the bottom of the cabinet. My daughter climbed up on the sink vanity and looked on top of the cabinet. She felt with her hands that there was a hole at the top of the cabinet. She used my phone to take a picture of the hole she had felt. The picture revealed a 2 1/2 inch space between the wall and the cabinet where the cat must have fallen in. I kept the owners informed of the situation by text.

The owners called their neighbor, who is a contractor, to come over and rescue the cat. He tried to remove the screws in the cabinet, but some of them were stripped. The tools he needed to free the cat were on his work site. We called the fire department.

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